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Advanced Javascript Objects Introduction

To myself… Using this keyword Suppose we have an object When we run myDog.getBreed() we expect that we will see dalmatian in our console. However, in actual, we get an error ReferenceError: breed is not defined. Why is that? The reference error surfaces because by default, an object method does not have visibility inside the […]

Undefined vs Null in JavaScript

To myself… May I help other fellow coders use undefined and null appropriately through this short article. Variable declaration and initialisation Before having a solid understanding of the differences between undefined and null, it’s important to know the steps in declaring and initialising a variable. Declaring is giving the variable a name. Initialising is giving […]

JavaScript Class and Method

To myself… Even if you hate how JavaScript classes are designed, you must know the class context by heart to avoid encountering type error exceptions in your code. Creating an object Suppose we need a JavaScript program to log any dog name to the browser console. We can start off by creating a blueprint of […]


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