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Clarifying Your Values

To myself… May I illuminate what’s important to me so it can serve as my guide in my daily activities – align with what I say with what I do. Definition of Values Values are beliefs. They are stable and enduring beliefs that have been formed during one’s formative years. Values are what one believes […]

What Is a Conjecture?

To myself… Conjecture as a Noun In the realms of inductive reasoning, a conjecture is a proposition, made by an arguer, that seems likely to be true but not 100% definitely true. In simple terms, it is an educated guess based on incomplete or inconclusive evidence. Conjecture as a Verb To believe especially on uncertain […]

Evaluation Does Not Equate to Assessment

To myself… In my day job, I often hear these two words and even their verb forms being used interchangeably with my interactions among my colleagues. Usually, I hear these words in hiring activities. “I have to evaluate a candidate at 4pm” “I have to assess a candidate at 4pm” Which one do you think […]


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